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It will not be wrong to say that “A happy wife is a happy life.” A new study shows that marital bliss depends on whether or not the wife is happy. Beyoncé once said, “Who run the world? Girls!” and it is true. In any relationship, women are the in charge. If the wife feels miserable, her husband is miserable and pretty much the whole relationship goes down the pits. So, it will not be wrong to say that ladies rule the marriages with an iron fist.

An author Deborah Carr explained, “If a wife is happy in her marriage, she will try hard to create a positive experience for her husband. So perhaps she listens to him more, she offers him more emotional support, or maybe she offers him more help with daily activities.” This in all makes for a happy relationship.

So, if as a husband you want to make sure that your relationship stays happy and blessed, here are 5 ways to woo your wife:

  1. Affection


Believe me, a wife is happiest and contented when she is with a loving husband. Though, it is said that it is impossible to understand a woman, or a woman is one the most complex creations of God to understand, it isn’t 100% true. As soon as a girlfriend or fiancé turns into a wife, she is expected to take up a lot of responsibilities and most of the times it gets tough to handle  this new and challenging role. Being loved is the only thing that can give strength and confidence to nourish the relationship and keep it going. A simple hug or the magical words ‘I Love You’ will do wonders.

  1. Appreciation


A wife who has responsibly sacrificed her family and career to take care of your house and family surely deserves an appreciation. A few words of appreciation can make the wife feel a sense of satisfaction. Being grateful for every little effort of hers will surely clear a lot of air and reinforce the relationship.

  1. Assurance


Not an easy one to get. But yes, have faith in your decision of choosing her as your life partner and believing that whatever she will do, is for everyone’s right. This alone will solve 50% of the problems. Give her the choice to do things and believe her! And see the difference.

  1. Expressive


It’s very important to show what you feel within. Sometimes, it’s very important to walk a mile more, to show that you care. What is the fun if you have not expressed the vibrancy that you feel her being around you? The minute you will start being expressive, in your relationship, you will notice that she is far more content, happy and satisfied.

  1. Amuse


It’s perfect. Having a good sense of humor is the key to a woman’s heart. If you have one, it’s easy and if not then take a dip in the hilarity of the world and make her smile. Sometimes we tend to ignore the small good things that exist within us amid the hustle-bustle of the routine work.

Go ahead, and try these small things which doesn’t take much time or money to make your queen feel happy. If you have any suggestions, please list them in the comment section. And the queens here are 5 ways to make your man happy without spending fortune.