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How To Know If You Are Being Manipulated

If Your Guy Does These  Things, You’re Being Manipulated

As emotional manipulation often starts so subtly, you might just miss it. In other words, emotional manipulation is so subtle and undercover that it starts controlling you even before you figure out what’s happening. You could become the puppet even before realizing it. You believe that your actions are a result of your free will, but it reality the truth is you are not.

The worst part is that manipulative people influence and twist the actions, thoughts, desires and wants into something that suits how they would like to see the world and mold you into someone who serves their own purpose. Isn’t it scary?

If you are a victim of emotional manipulation you might feel there is something wrong, but might not be too sure. But if you have even the slightest of the doubt, listen to your gut feeling. Here are some tips to help you know if you are being manipulated:

  1. He makes you feel guilty for everything

Did you know, that the first step of manipulation starts with guilt. If your man can convince you to feel guilty for anything, even when you have done nothing wrong, he knows that you will be willing to do what he wants. “The dinner was OK, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for. I would have done something different or better.” The man smartly turned the things around you. On the face, he makes it seem like he loves you, but you need to know that guilt is not love.

  1. He forces his insecurities

Manipulators are smart enough to force their own insecurities on you and control how you react. “I don’t want you to hang around any male friends, as I have been cheated before. I hope you can understand that.”  Of you can understand his situation, but his struggle should not define your relationship. One statement given by most  manipulators in this situation is, “I am sorry I behaved that way, but I am too scared that you will leave me.”  The aim of this statement is to make you feel guilty.

  1. He has lowered your self-esteem or make you doubt yourself

Do you know why it is easy for your man to manipulate you? Because he has manipulated you to a level where you have started doubting yourself. The manipulator takes into account your insecurities and uses them against you. Your man never fails to point out what you are doing wrong and how he could have done it better.

  1. He somehow manages to make you believe you want the same what wants

As the relationship progresses it is natural to make compromises, but it is not normal to completely set aside your desires and needs just to please your partner. If you have the feeling that the need of your partner are met far more than yours, then probably your man has amazing manipulating capabilities.