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Romance After Kids: How To Rekindle Lost Love , womansaga

Do you often complain that the romance was different before kids? Undoubtedly, children add a wonderful dimension to the life, but the language of love often changes after having kids. Don’t you believe me? Read below to know it:

  • Three-course dinner followed by a movie at the theater changes into a leftover dinner followed by a half movie on Netflix before you fall asleep.
  • Silk pajamas at bedtime changes into anything that doesn’t have the spit-up milk or juice or food.
  • Romantically holding the hand down the street changes into ‘Hold the hand before you cross the street’.
  • An impromptu weekend trip changes into a trip with a week of planning which is also not sure.
  • Hours or romantic uninterrupted conversations change into a two-minute discussion before the kids shout or scream for something.

Most of you will surely relate to this. Won’t you? But there is nothing to feel  disheartened. There are a lot of ways to rekindle the lost romance in your life. Excited to know about them? Read here:

  1. Before you talk about the kids, talk about your relationship: Relive those spontaneous and carefree days. Sit down together after the kids are in bed and reminisce about your relationship before the kids. This will ignite the spark and help you bond together, even after the kids.
  2. Replace grand gestures with little things: A table for two in her favorite restaurant or a weekend getaway was fun in the dating days, but obviously it becomes difficult post-kids. This does not mean, that there is nothing that you can do for her! A simple tea of coffee in the bed or some help in the grocery shopping will have the same effect on her. She will totally feel loved and appreciated.
  3. Take a break from technology: The key to spending quality time is to stay away from technology. When you sit down together, make it a point to put your phone on ‘Silent’ mode and not check your social media profile. Wasting the entire evening or whatever time you can sneak on smartphones, is a mere waste of time. This will not only bring you closer, but you will also be a model for your kids, that family is more important than the phone.
  4. Leave notes for each other: There is nothing nice than receiving surprise sticky notes in the closet or refrigerator or car or office. So, whenever possible leave small love notes to tell them how much you love them and care for them. It is okay if he or she doesn’t notice it on first, whenever they will notice, the reaction is going to be the same.

At the end, you need to remember that staying connected to your spouse and to experience romance after kids, is very important and something you need to continuously work at. You might be head over heels in love with your partner, but if you don’t show it, how are they suppose to know it?

Tip: Go beyond ‘I Love You’ and express sweep your spouse of your feet and show then that romance after kids is important to you and you want to reconnect even after having kids.