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Understanting the Suit of Wands Tarot Cards
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If you get the wands cards during the reading, it is a sure shot sign that you want to do something exciting and daring.  Many...
Understanding the Suit of Cups Tarot Cards, womansaga
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When you think about the suit of cups you need to think about prosperity, good karma and opportunity coming your way.  It is also connected...
Common Tarot Cards That Are often Misinterpreted, womansaga
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The images on some tarot decks can leave you worried or make you wonder, particularly when they appear in your reading.  At times they...
Tarot Curiosity and Fear of the Unknown, womansaga
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For those wanting a tarot reading, as with those seeking anything in the realm of a psychic nature, there is an innate...
Major and Minor Arcana Cards, Womansaga
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For those who understand Tarot well, a reading can be done with an ordinary pack of cards.  But a Tarot deck...
Shapeshifter Tarot: Tarot Reading, womansaga
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For me, tarot is a very personal and private way to commune with my higher self and the higher being that is...