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There are times when cooking becomes more of a task that needs to be done, come what may. Some tasks seem more daunting than some others and how we all pray to God to simplify them for us. Well, with womansaga, you can certainly find the ways to complete some parts of your cooking not just quickly but more effectively. Read on to know our top 11 cooking hacks to save time:


  1. Slipping chopping board: A large part of the time spent on chopping vegetables or meat goes into adjusting the chopping board on the counter top and saving it from slipping. To help save your chopping board from falling and slipping all over, you can place a damp kitchen paper beneath it. The paper acts as a vacuum and prevents the board from slipping. Easy, isn’t it?

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  1. Add baking soda to caramelize onions faster: Onions can take very long to caramelize properly. Sometimes it is just not possible to wait for them to caramelize and we end up using half caramelized onions in the recipe only to end up with a recipe that lacks your perfection. Try adding a pinch of baking soda to get them caramelize faster, in fact in just half of the time.


  1. Microwave ear of corn: Removing the corn out of its husk is a task that no one wants to do. Next time, your child asks you to do this for him, microwave the ear of corn for just 10 seconds and the cob will come in your hands in just a few seconds. Pretty easy!

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  1. Mincing ginger: Ginger is undoubtedly one of the toughest food items that you need to mince. Grating it is a much easier task and ensures an even better flavor. It you have thread like structure coming out while grating the ginger, freeze it and then grate it. This is surely one of the most popular kitchen hacks.


  1. Save your shredder: It is certainly tough to wash the shredder, especially after grating cheese. A pro tip is to spray the shredder with the non-stick spray before you start shredding.

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  1. Squeezing lemon: Squeezing lemons is also one of the few tasks that can be simplified. Put the lemon (including dried lemons too) in microwave for 15 seconds. This will ensure more juice in less time.

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  1. Peeling garlic: Shaking the garlic quite hard for a minute will peel its entire hard. So now, you don’t have to deal with peeling little slices with your hands. This cooking hack will save you a lot of time!

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  1. Quick potato wedges: Cutting potato into exactly similar pieces can be a difficult task especially there are lots of potatoes. Use an apple slicer and you are ready with professional cut potato wedges.

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  1. Save time in peeling boiled potatoes: You might not know, but you can save several minutes in peeling potatoes that are boiled. Boiling makes the potato skin loose and this can be peeled by bare hands. Just transfer the boiled potatoes into ice water and peel the skin.

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  1. Slicing meat: Slicing meat is a bit tricky when you have to make stir fries or stews. Next time, you have to do this, freeze meat and you won’t even realize how easy it is to slice meat.

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  1. Peeling boiled eggs: Next time, you want to peel lots of boiled eggs, don’t use the traditional method of peeling them one by one. Instead, shake them in a container together. This will break their shell and then you can rinse them off under running water.

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These top 11 cooking hacks to save time will not only ease the cooking process but also make it fun!