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To be honest, we don’t need a reason to celebrate Mother’s Day. We can never thank our Mother’s enough for all that they do for us. Though, still here are 8 reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day

  1. Mothers go through birth. That’s it; we don’t need any more reasons, were heroic right there!
  2. Mothers are multitasking geniuses- All at the same time, I can scrub my 4 year old’s shampoo covered head, answer my 9 year old’s incessant demand to check his iTunes account, while I hold a conversation on Facetime with my own mother 6000 miles away and find my husband’s missing belt (on his dirty pants, of course), meanwhile cooking dinner, and mopping the floor. I’d like to see any high paid administrative assistant beat that!
  3. Mothers put up with low standards of self care for years- We’re known to go shopping, drop off the car at the mechanic, even go to work with baby spit up and breast milk stains on our shirts. Who has time to change, from yesterdays clothing that is?
  4. Mothers are expert negotiators – We should receive a diplomatic medal, period. “I understand you’re angry at your brother for prying the break wire metal off of your bike to make a radio transmitter for his tree house, but how could we resolve this situation in a big girl voice?”
  5. Mothers are highly efficient- Can anyone but a mother make milk while sleeping, I think not.
  6. Mother’s patience is unending (unless I was up half the night bringing you to the bathroom because you wanted just one more sip of water before bed). I’ll admit I’ve walked though stores, libraries, even the registry of motor vehicles with screaming kids all while completely ignoring the drama and smiling graciously at the onlookers.
  7. Mothers expand their lives (literally sometimes, stretch marks anyone) to accommodate their children. Important presentation meeting at work or attend son’s thanksgiving play, singing turkey wins every time.
  8. Mothers are there for their children through everything- The mean teacher, the catty girl who stole all their friends, the flunked spelling quiz, the night they stayed out too late; we may not like our children’s behaviors every time but we love them all the time!  Our worries about our children may not allow us to sleep much at night but were always thinking about them, I know my mother always has been- Happy Mother’s Day!

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