Fun Games For Kids Outdoor Birthday Party, womansaga

We accept that your child’s birthday falls just once in a year, but you surely don’t want to take your budget for a toss for a few months to come. Planning a budgeted party can be quite hassled as there is so much to do. A smart planning can always help you sail out of tricky situations. A large portion of your budget is allocated in entertaining your young guests.

Given below are some fun games for kids outdoor birthday party that the kids will not only enjoy, but also won’t hurt your pocket:

1. Dance and freeze: Dancing is an activity that every child loves. Why not mix it with another activity which is equally loved by them. So you have a new activity called freeze dance. All you need is a high octane music CD and a great music player. Let the dance begin with music and ask the children to freeze the moment the music stops. You will notice an instant excitement in the kids. Roll out gifts for best dancer, silliest dancer, according to your budget.


2.  Giant puzzlers: If you have set a theme for the party, you can get either a giant floor puzzle or several small puzzles for the kids. Divide them into groups and let them flex their muscles. The group that completes its set first wins the prize. Keep on cheering the kids and giving small clues to them.

3.  Create an obstacle race: You can create a small Olympics style race for the kids in your own courtyard. You need to very careful about your chosen obstacles as the smaller children may get hurt. You can also rent an inflatable obstacle course from any outdoor supplier. Chocolates wrapped in gold, silver and bronze paper qualify as the perfect gift for the winners.obstacle-family-womansaga-creazine

Try to make the children as comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy the fun games for kids. Don’t forget to use a baby mosquito repellent since its spring and the children may feel bugged down due to mosquitoes.