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When your dear friend is getting married, all you want to do is give a gift that speaks volumes of your friendship and love. But with a tight pocket you think that you may have to settle for something low budget. Then there is some happy news for you. Online plethora is filled with a number of wedding gift ideas that you can pick from. To make the gifts accessible there are a number of coupons available to choose from. Below we present the list of some of the best and affordable wedding gifts that are sure to impress your friends on the wedding.

  1. Silverware: Gifting silverware has always been the custom but their rocket price is keeping you from giving one, then Oneida 5 Piece Set is just what you want. This ornate five piece collection combines easy to care stainless steel with intricate design on the handles. Coming with a lifetime warranty from Belk.com, this collection is bound to add its unique touch to the dining table.Silverware
  2. Self-watering pot: If the couple loves gardening then this self-watering pot is nothing less than a must for their new house and since they couldn’t get their hands on it, it’s time you gift them and add this unique piece to their collection. Available at Royal designs it can be found in White and gray color. Pick the color that blends well with their room interiors.
  3. When it’s a wedding of a close one we always tend to go hunting for something special and nothing can ever come close to personalized gifts. Resonating this thought A Gift Personalized store offers a Personalized Laser Engraved Wedding Wishes Signature Frame where the guest put in their best wishes and signature along with the couple selecting their best wedding picture. The same is then laser etched into the photo that would remind them of their special day and all the blessing for ages to come.photo frame
  4. The older the wine the better the Taste. Wines like marriage always taste better when it matures over the years. Gifting one would only mean you bless the couple with long loved prosperous marriage that would get better with age. Available from all over the world Winelibrary.com offers a wide variety of wines that come at affordable prices.
  5. The More The Merrier is what comes to mind when gifting Serving Platters or bowls. No matter how much they may have bought at the end one does fall short of them. Available in a wide variety of designs and styles gifting one would only add to their collection especially if it’s as unique as this Mixed Double candy bowl available at Royaldesigns.com. With a clear and frosted look this bowl comes in three different sizes to choose from. You can even fill these bowls with candies from Groovy candies.With the above ideas you are sure to gift something special without having a burning a whole in your pocket. With each of these gifts don’t forget to add a special tag that holds a message for the couple.
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